This is the area towards the bottom of the painting. However, it must not compete with the centre of interest (focal point) in terms of detail, contrast, strength of colour etc. Its sole pre-occupation is to lead the eye towards the focal point from where the eye will be led to explore other areas of interest. It must not have a physical barrier to the focal point. Furthermore, it should overlap with the middle distance. Strong tones can come forward into the foreground, whilst weak ones recede. Sometimes, a distant hill is dark, and to paint it effectively one needs to introduce warm colours reds and yellows - into the foreground, with perhaps some strong detail to counter the darkness in the distance. But beware, do not overpaint this area otherwise the painting will not hang together. Do not paint every blade of grass, or pebbles - a mere suggestion will suffice. Simplify - Simplify - Simplify! Avoid being fussy.